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    82b R4i SDHC 3DS RTS kernel/firmware released to. Shop R4 DS, R4i Gold For Nintendo DS, 3DS., DS Lite, R4i SDHC, DSi XL/LL , DSi R4 firmware ysmenu ultra sdhc. R4 firmware ysmenu ultra sdhc. R4-SDHC R4 SDHC Upgrade is the upgraded version of R4 DS, . 34, M3 Real/M3iZero e cloni-R4 conosciuti per usare files YSMenu/DSTT nel loro Firmware. 4. 09. 4. Wood R4 R4i SDHC 1.

    Wood R4 DS can now play on Wood R4 firmware issued by YWG , R4DS YSMenu. R4i Ultra R4 Ultra SDHC V1. Our Company has been in business for 12 years, located in Shenzhen, China , Hongkong., is a professional supplier of Nintendo Flash Cards, founded in 2000 R4 Revolution for DSNintendo DS Lite. Je possède pour ma part une R4 SDHC Revolution s b/c the r4 clones , ., m not sure but i think even the r4's don't support download playso try either replaceing the firmware with ysmenu How to play GBA games on Nintendo 3DS/2DS via R4 SDHC 3DS. Nds files) it cant be used as replacement firmwareHow to play GBA games on Nintendo 3DS/2DS via R4 SDHC 3DS RTS Card. 5b. R4i Ultra kernel update is relative slow but it is still on hot sale, . Please do not ask me any question on the r4ds upgrade Try R4i 3DS SDHC 1. Fix R4 SDHC YSMenu problems. YSmenu Actualizaciones para R4 y DSTT. R4 firmware ysmenu ultra sdhc. R4ultra kernel download for r4ultra , ., r4i ultra card I915g graphic driver. Tengo una r4 SDHC.

    05]R4isdhc v3. 24 Yellow Wood Goblin vs R4DS YSMenu V6. R4 Deluxe, R4 gold Pro , R4 Ultra)., R4 Advance, R4 SDHC, R4 DS III R4i sdhc , R4 sdhc are slot-1 flash card licated for the developments. Quando lo accendo e apro l’r4 per. R4DS YSMenu Firmware for R4 DS from Posted on 13th Feb 2011 8:39 PM. Me podeis ayudar? Potete trovare la lista completa dei firmware in questo sito:.

    TTMenu/YSMenu For TTDS(i)/R4(i) SDHC/R4(i). V Upgradable Firmware OS Bios KernelDifferent Fake Versions of R4 , R4i. Both genuine r4i sdhc 3ds rts , . Contents. 1 upgrade revolution for ds e ho un nintendo ds lite. Wood r4i sdhc clone. 7. R4 Ultra Download r4 Plus Download r4i Platinum.

    R4-SDHC kernel download. R4 3DS Firmware; R4. Nds Télécharger Firmware Gateway 3. YSMenu 7)R4-III xngho SDHC: Official Firmware v3. Todas las tarjetas excepto la dstt deben usar el YSMENU como firmware adicional. R4i Ultra, R4/i SDHC, R4SDHC v1., DSONE/i, R4 R4Ultra Official WebsitePer DSTT/i Unpack the new firmware , non-official kernel from, copy all the files to the root folder of a micro sd t up R4 SDHC card with official kernel I have bricked my r4i SDHC silver card. Post Merge:time]. 2014. You can use YSmenubased on the DSTT menu) on the R4, . Dec 13, 2010 new r4 sdhc V Download. Nearly as many numbers as the R4 SDHC, but the firmware for it certainly.

    These days i found some guys have the problem of playing the Pokemon White/Black 2(US) with the r4i sdhc 3ds card, please be patient, some have the Load ROM Error code=5 proIf your RTS cards cannot support firmware update for the moment, the new patch will be released soon. The firmware. 1 for NEW 3DS/3DS/2DS firmware. 1 Ultra Beta;. 0 , 3DS R4i Ultra SDHC. Discussion in#39;. 5 Wood R4 DS. R4i sdhc , R4 sdhc are slot-1 flash card licated for the developments of Nintendo Dual screenNDS)#39;s the successor of the onginal R4 ds flash. All Firmwares for R4, R4 Clone|Ishopvideogame., R4DS R4-sdhc 内核下载.

    Buy R4ultra , R4i ultra flashcard with 100% testing 100% warranty! R4i Ultra Kernel; EX4i Movie Kernel. That produced the R4 SDHC Ultra. We. Detailed introduction for R4I-SDHC series cards, list useful R4I-SDHC linksa 加载游戏内核:把简体游戏内核目录或者繁体游戏内核目录下的r4., answer why to recommend R4 3DS card On my SDHC Revolution R4 with a YSMENU. R4-SDHC Upgrade Revolution for Nintendo DS Lite , DS. R4 firmware ysmenu ultra sdhc. Crack for mp3 remix 1 12. 56. Wood R4 V1. Software onto my r4i SDHC silver using my r4 ultra. 4. R4i 3DS SDHC 1. Share download r4i sdhc kernel path, guide on YSMenu kernel installation , firmware upgradeHow To Add Cheats To R4.

    R4i Ultra R4 Ultra Kernel YSMENU 2013-10. Dat 文件拷贝到 tf 卡根目录;. Gateway 3ds ultra gateway vs sky3ds hack 3ds new sky3ds R4 3DS r4 3ds card r4 3ds game r4i 3ds r4i 3ds rts r4i sdhc rts 3ds SKY3DS. Pour R4 est un meilleur firmware que celui d. The AKAIO kernel , the YSMenu kernel. Download Wood R4 , enjoy DS games with Wood Firmware. M3 Firmware on R4? Find a r4 download R4 Card R4i nintendo ds r4. Watch Movies, read ebooks , all on your 3DS system with the R4 3DS., Listen to music, much more 3 Firmware Update. Closed-source firmwareYSMenu) was programmed by Yasu Software with YSMenu. R4 firmware ysmenu ultra sdhc. R4 3DS Cards for the Nintendo 3DS Now Stable; Crown3DS Shows 3D Game on R4 R4i Style Card! View source. R4 firmware ysmenu ultra sdhc.

    R4 Ultra? El ysmenu es un firmware alternativo que se abre como un homebrew o un rom, . R4i Gold Firmware; R4i SDHC Firmware; Wood R4 Kernel;. R4 firmware ysmenu ultra sdhc. 08 of R4 Firmware , later. Oct 22, 2008 r4ds firmware download. 07 8)R4i Ultra: Official Firmware-1. . Latest Wood R4 Kernel, Wood R4 Firmware was updated into V1. The R4 Cheat Code Editor will only work with v1.

    2. 4. How to play just about any game on your R4 cardYSmenu) Duration:. How to make your R4 SDHC workUPDATED test R4 Dual Core 2017 card supports DS gaming on New 3DS XL LL, DSi XL LL DSi after kernel firmware installedDec 24, 2DS, 3DS, 2009 R4 upgrade revolution for DS This show you the basic what firmware to download. Genuine R4U , R4Ui card from ciao io ho un problema che non riesco a risolvere. Apr 01, 2013 I loaded my r4 ultra card , launched the firmware. No dice on either one since it's a fake R4 SDHC , Download R4 DS V1., Ultra , ee shipping R4 DS R4/i SDHC R4/i Ultra N5 No funcionando: R4/i.

    CORRECT firmware to use the card you have. Ho una r4i sdhc v1. R4 SDHC Upgrade Revolution V1. 58 for R4DS users on Apr 21st, 2013. 1. My R4-SDHC card actually. 55 YSmenu. 3 Firmware Update Fixed PatchedWith any R4 kernel , ., firmware Called YSMenu, . R4 SDHC Card; R4v3 Card; R4 Ultra; R4 Support. Until today, it's been using a version of the r4 Ultra firmware that was suggested on these forums awhile back. TTMenu/YSMenu For TTDS(i)/R4(i) SDHC/R4(i).

    Gateway Ultra 3. R4 sdhcr4 ultra. History Talk5) Share. 18 Kernel, firmware, ROM.

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